About Us

We are a group of security companies called “ASB” (“Modern Security Agency”) in Kharkiv, which provides physical security and installation of various security systems. Our 15 years of experience allows us to provide security services at a high level, so that each of our clients feels under reliable protection. For us, tasks of any level are solvable and feasible. The staff of the “ASB” security company regularly undergoes training and improves their skills.

In recent years, we have significantly expanded our arsenal to combat intruders. We have the most advanced security systems and tracking systems in service.

“ASB” Security Company provides a wide range of services:

We provide security services for warehouses, manufacturing plants, construction sites, banks, shopping centers, clubs, private houses and apartments. Physical security also includes escorting valuable cargo.

We control the access control regime: prompt detention of offenders, ensuring the safety of property/materials/confidential information media located in the protected area.

We provide security for real estate objects using modern alarm systems, monitoring the condition of protected objects and deployment of rapid response teams in case of an "alarm" signal to the central security console. 
The functions of video surveillance include not only protection against criminals, but also monitoring employees, visitors in the office, warehouse or store, and controlling activities in any room.

A video surveillance system typically includes such components as indoor and outdoor video cameras, video recorders, switches, hard drives, monitors, uninterruptible power supplies, and consumables such as cables, holders, cable ducts, and socket blocks.

An access control and management system (ACS) is the best way to protect a protected object from unauthorized visits.

The main purpose is to control access to a given territory (who should be allowed in, at what time, and to what territory), including also:

restriction of access to a given territory;
identification of a person who has access to a given territory.

Additional features:

working time tracking;
payroll (in case of integration with accounting systems);
maintaining a staff / visitor database;
integration with the security system.

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