Physical security

The group of security companies “ASB” (“Modern Security Agency”) provides physical security in Kharkov city

This is a set of special measures designed to ensure the security of financial institutions, office staff, a shopping center or a production facility, as well as the safety of technical and material resources.

Careful selection of employees for our team is a guarantee of professionalism in providing physical security.

Problems solved by physical security:
  • Unauthorized entry into the facility;
  • Preservation of documentation, material assets and trade secrets, prevention of their damage and distribution;
  • Establishment of a special checkpoint to control people visiting the facility;
  • Patrolling the protected area;
  • Surveillance of persons entering the territory by transport;
  • Take the necessary measures in case of alarm system activation or other emergency situations.
Stages of organizing the protection of individuals and objects:
  • Analysis of all possible risks of illegal actions and encroachment on individuals;
  • Identification of unaccounted-for or weak points in the company's existing security system;
  • Developing an optimal interaction plan;
  • Establishment of a checkpoint and deployment of qualified personnel.
We provide professional physical security in the following areas: 

To maximize security control, our security company's employees are engaged in ensuring access control. Technical personnel, for example, are allowed to enter the premises only with the permission of a company representative. They also keep the administration of the establishment informed about the arrival of customers or visitors and document their registration.

Taking care of the financial security of clients and taking into account the possibility of abuse, ASB Security Agency controls the access of fiscal authorities. Thus, their representatives are admitted to the territory of the institution only with the permission of its management. In order to avoid legal conflicts and proceedings, the security service employees register representatives of such authorities in a separate journal (with a detailed indication of the name, surname, position held and ID number).

To ensure the maximum safety of the property of enterprises and institutions, our employees regularly patrol the facilities and the areas adjacent to them. In addition, we conduct thorough inspections of the condition and safety of water, gas, sewage, elevators and lighting systems.

Забезпечуємо професійну охорону комерційної нерухомості а саме офісів, складів та  торгових приміщень.

Commercial real estate requires physical security and the installation of special equipment - an access control system. It displays data from video surveillance cameras on monitors and prevents unauthorized persons from entering the facility.

It is possible to conduct internal investigations to identify the facts of theft of valuables by employees of the enterprise. Technical means are provided for the timely detection of all types of threats.

Охорона багатоквартирного будинку – гарантія цілодобового забезпечення правопорядку, а також захисту від посягань, несанкціонованих проникнень та інших негативних явищ. Тому охорона багатоквартирних будинків э пріоритетним напрямком діяльності охоронного агентства “АСБ”.

Охорона багатоквартирного будинку, інакше іменована в побуті “КОНСЬЄРЖ-ОХОРОНА”, – це досить складний, багаторівневий у плані захисту і життєзабезпечення об’єкт, що вимагає об’єднання в єдиний блок зусиль охоронців (консьєржів), мешканців, працівників обслуговувальних організацій (керівних компаній). Спільно з сучасними засобами безпеки (відеонагляду, системи сигналізацій, СКУД) наші фахівці забезпечать вам:

  • комфортне проживання в житловому комплексі;
  • забезпечення збереження громадського майна.

The most important of them are implementation of video surveillance systems and security alarm systems. It allows you to monitor the situation over a large area remotely.

The company also uses "time-tested" security mechanisms, among which are worth noting:

  • organization of access control (prevents the possibility of unauthorized entry);
  • patrolling the territory adjacent to the protected object and the park area;
  • constant inspection of basements and technical rooms.

The “ASB” security agency constantly checks the quality of the building's communications. This is especially true for monitoring the safety of the gas pipeline and water supply channels. In case of suspicion of a possible failure in the functioning of these systems, our employees promptly call the monitoring service for a more detailed check and elimination of any problems and threats.

Fire is another extremely dangerous emergency, and its occurrence is often difficult to predict. In the event of a fire, our company's employees call a fire brigade and an ambulance as soon as possible and are directly involved in extinguishing the fire, evacuating the residents and localizing the fire.

We provide physical security services for private homes, cottage communities and garden associations. 

To ensure the highest level of your protection, “ASB” Security Agency provides physical security services. This means that our employees personally undertake all protective actions on the territory of the immediate place of protection (apartment, private house, cottage).

Practice shows that physical home security has several advantages over conventional alarm systems. The physical presence of our employee makes the process of responding to a violation more efficient. For example, it takes some time for the police to arrive after the alarm is triggered. This allows the burglar to escape.

It has also been proven that the presence of a security service on the territory of an object serves as a psychological influence on a potential criminal. “ASB” Security Agency builds its work on the basis of an integrated approach (interaction of several most effective types of protection).

Therefore, in order to achieve the maximum level of your security, we combine the use of physical security of employees with the arrangement of premises and territories with technical means (alarm system, video recording system).

“ASB” provides a range of security measures for agricultural facilities and enterprises. This includes not only physical protection of farmland, warehouses, and special equipment, but also fuel protection, winterization of agricultural vehicles, and safe movement of goods. A well-established security system helps to avoid significant losses from theft, competitors' actions, and the absence of some employees.

“ASB” Security Agency's range of services for working with agricultural facilities includes:

  • protection of agricultural lands (fields, gardens, farms);
  • security of warehouses, hangars, elevators, and administrative buildings;
  • protection of the fleet of special equipment (combines, tractors, grain carriers);
  • fuel control in the car;
  • cargo escort and security;
  • video surveillance system;
  • fuel consumption control system;
  • fire alarm system;
  • GPS tracker in trucks, tractors, and combines.

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