Рanel protection

The group of security companies “ASB” (“Modern Security Agency”) means absolute safety and round-the-clock protection of your home. We provide security for apartments in Kharkiv.

Installing an alarm system in an apartment in Kharkiv is one of the most popular security services in the city today. Connecting an apartment to a central monitoring station provides round-the-clock control of unauthorized entry and prevents possible theft. In the event of an alarm event, the alarm system sends a signal to the central monitoring station, the operator sends a rapid response team to the object and contacts the apartment owner by phone.

We install alarm systems in an apartment, which involves the implementation of a complex software and hardware complex, namely:

  • security sensors of various types of action (detecting violations in the level of infrared radiation in the room, reacting to the sound of a break, monitoring the level of household gas impurities, flooding, smoke, etc;)
  • control panel is the main element of the security system that receives data from the detectors and transmits it to the central monitoring station;
  • Readers and keypads - devices for controlling the security of an apartment (arming/disarming, controlling security modes, etc.);
  • customizing the system's functionality depending on the client's wishes, testing the signal strength of data transmission to the central monitoring station, checking the call of the response team, etc.

The system provides full and partial home security. In the first case, it is a standard arming of the apartment with the use of all sensors and motion monitoring inside the facility. Partial arming means activation of detectors responsible for protecting the perimeter of the premises - entrances to the apartment through doors and/or windows. This mode is often called "staying at home" or "night mode" because it allows you to move freely inside the premises while the apartment security is activated and access to outsiders is restricted.


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